Apparently I’m A Runner Now

The fact I’ve even written that sentence is ridiculous.

I’ve never been one for sport. As a child, I avoided gym at school like anything. I’d come up with any excuse in the book not to play hockey, netball or let alone athletics, especially when it was cross country day. Growing up, I played a couple of team sports. I was always okay, and then I’d get bored after a year or two and that would be that, on to the next one.

Last year I decided to start running. I’d tried running before, and on the cold winter mornings where it was below freezing and raining, I’d concluded that this wasn’t something I was overly keen on. However, last year, and turning twenty-five, I woke up one morning and thought, yes – running is something I do now. It was a shock to us all.

So one day, I donned my trainers, downloaded a couch to 5k app, and set about running. I’ve always wanted to be a person who can just run. I define that as being someone who can quite happily run a 5k without working up a sweat and in reasonably good time. You know those types of people, one I aspire to be.

This year in an attempt to better myself, I’ve challenged myself to run a 10k every month. As we’re being honest here, I missed January, for good reasons. I was backpacking for the whole month, something of a spontaneous decision. But every month so far, I’ve done my 10k. The first couple of kilometers are horrendous but once I reach four or five kilometers, it gets a little easier and I begin to enjoy it more.

I’m not a fast runner. One day maybe. But right now, I’m pretty much walking pace. And whilst this is the most frustrating thing, I’m also okay with that. I’m trying to stick at it, and the better I get, the faster I run. And I know myself, that if I don’t see improvements, I’ll just give up, but I’m really trying hard not too, because I know that the more I keep going, the quicker I’ll get. One day, I’ll get under an hour for a 10k. One day.

So, why do I run. I run to keep fit. I suppose that is the most obvious one. I’ve never been one for sport, but as I get older, the more I actually want to be fitter. I run also because it is time for me. Time to just put my headphones in, listen to some music and switch off. I run to think and to not be connected all the time. I think that’s probably more important. I think sometimes it is really easy to constantly be online, but actually being present in your own life, in your own head and in your own space, is something that we don’t do enough of, and something that I’m trying to do more. Plus, who doesn’t love a medal!



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