Apparently I use eye cream now.

Apparently I use eye cream now. Actually, let me rephrase that. I use anti-ageing products. It’s been a week now.

Since hitting the grand old age of 25, I’m now trying to look younger. Go figure.

If I think back to when I was at school, especially when it came to age restricted things, I remember going above and beyond to try and look older. Be that with make up, or dressing older, whatever. We’d try everything. I remember one time, I must have been about 9, and we were trying to go and see a 12 movie, Miss Congeniality. Now that dates it. It was my friend’s birthday and we were going to see the film. We spent hours before getting ready, we dressed like the older kids in the school did. We shoved tissues down our tops to make it look like something was there and that we’d hit puberty. We must have looked hilarious. We made it in to the film though. That being said, I don’t think it worked. I think the 16 year old working at the cinema probably couldn’t be bothered and just sold us the tickets anyway. But in our minds, we had mastered it. We looked older. We looked 12.

I think to some extent, trying to look older is part of growing up. Like wearing make up, or dressing older or wearing heels. I think even now I do it to some extent, like wear a suit if I’m meeting a particular person, as if I am trying to validate my position or my knowledge.

So whilst I’m trying to look older, I am also succumbing to societies pressures of using anti-aging products, because like the adverts say, it’s better to start younger…

I bought eye cream.
I bought serum.
I bought anti-wrinkle moisturiser.

Setting me back just over £150. I’m not sure I really want to calculate the exact amount.

I started this routine last week, and I think I expected to see visible differences the following morning. Then I think about this, and what was I expecting… Was I hoping to see a fresh faced 18 year old staring back at me?

If I think about it, I suppose that I like looking 25. I like looking my age. I like knowing the things that I do, having learnt the lessons I have and have done the things that I have. Would I want to go back to being 18 or any other age. Honestly, no. Now whilst I have this opinion, I will probably still carrying on using the eye cream, and the ‘miracle’ serum sourced from these mystical places on the planet. I will probably carry on, not only because I’m ‘supposed’ to, but getting older scares me.

If I walk down the street or if I’m in work or wherever, I don’t look at older people and go, ‘WOW, YOU’RE SO OLD’. Most of the time it doesn’t even cross my mind. Many older people (and when I say older, I mean older than me) look so beautiful and stunning, which makes me question why I’m scared to get older. Maybe we’re all trying to grow old gracefully…

Going back to my outrageous anti-aging purchases, I wonder whether it is society putting this pressure on me. It’s easy to say that, the culture of Women’s Magazines, which is a whole different subject entirely. But then again, it’s constantly surrounding me. From waking on the tube or taking the bus, I’m surrounded by advertising, telling me which new cream will be the one to solve all my problems. Products with names that sound like they are something out of a fairytale or some magical land, with newly discovered potions and oils. They do a good job of enticing me.



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